Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've learned I know what I don't

Over the past week I've spent my time: reading, cutting out fliers, building a float, walking in a parade, conversing with people, praying, doing demographic research, watching movies, and the list goes on. It's been a great experience and I've really enjoyed getting to know Mike and his family better. We've talked about many topics ranging from atheists, the Church, church planting, the government, and relationships (of the romantic and non-romantic type). He's a wise man and it has been really good to pick his brain. As I head back home tomorrow, I think the main thing that I will take from this experience is that I don't really know that much. I know I know, you're all really shocked that I don't know it all, but it's true. Mike has joked with me a lot over the past week and a half about how I am currently at the pinnacle of knowledge. The main point that I am trying to make and have seen the importance of through conversing with the intellectuals of Minnesota is that true wisdom starts with the fear of the Lord. Not fear as in being afraid, but fear as in putting God in His place or rather letting Him put you in yours. The kind of fear that invokes a revere, respect, and honor. The kind of fear that creates a curiosity and causes you to stand in awe and gratitude that God would lift the veil from your eyes and allow you to see the truth; that being Christ crucified and resurrected. This may seem basic, but every person I've talked to who doesn't grasp this simple truth is just talking and thinking themselves in meaningless and illogical circles. The start of wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. Solomon was right. What'd'ya know!

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